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ASUS launches high performance Automobili Lamborghini VX7 Laptop

ASUS launches high performance...
The ASUS-Automobili Lamborghini VX7
The ASUS-Automobili Lamborghini VX7
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The ASUS-Automobili Lamborghini VX7
The ASUS-Automobili Lamborghini VX7

The ASUS-Automobili Lamborghini VX7 is, as the name suggests, a computer designed to emulate the style and performance of Lamborghini cars, with a case that captures the angular Lambo styling, and rear cooling vents modeled on a Lambo's taillights and exhaust through to a host of other faux association.

What isn't false though, is the performance of the machine, which runs quad-core 2nd generation (Sandy Bridge) Intel Core i7 processors, and is also the first to use NVIDIA's GeForce GTX 460M GPU. It also features USB 3.0, has a Blu-ray combo drive and runs Windows 7 Ultimate (64-bit).

Read the specs as a tech junkie and you'll likely be far more excited than the petrolhead association would get you. How about 3GB of video memory or TWO 7,200rpm 750GB hard drives providing a total of 1.5TB or storage? This is a beast, regardless of the badging.

In defense of the Automobili Lamborghini association, the performance of the 15.6" 16:9 full HD LED laptop is in the same rare league of ultra performance as Lamborghini automobiles and with specs that make it ideal for performance gaming, multimedia playback or creation or online entertainment.

The machine comes in two directly licensed Lamborghini colors - orange and black carbon fiber - staring at a recommended retail price of GBP2000 in the U.K., and US$2299 in the U.S.

Waiel Jibrail
alianware is better
Christopher Bedford
Sounds really good value for money! At that price nothing comes close to the specs and the 460m is a high performance graphic card coupled with i7. I want one :-)
Christopher Bedford
Ohh just checked website you don\'t get those specs for £500! Bit misleading!
Randy Meinert
Alianware??? try Alienware. I\'d question whether Dell could produce something as good as Asus.
@Waiel - when was the last time you bought an Alienware laptop? Since Dell got their grubby little paws on Alienware the brand is not what it once was - cheap feeling cases, odd keyboard layouts, High, but not incredibly high spec, and expensive for what they\'ve become. Alienware definitely wouldn\'t be my money-no-object first choice any more.
Linda Bono
I so want this ..hmmm wonder if santa will bring it;)