ASUS Eee Stick motion sensing game controller

ASUS Eee Stick motion sensing ...
ASUS Eee Stick
ASUS Eee Stick
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ASUS Eee Stick
ASUS Eee Stick

August 9, 2008 ASUS has officially unveiled its new the Eee Stick - a Wii-like motion sensing wireless game controller for PC that reproduces users hand motions on screen.

The vibration capable plug and play device consists of an Activation stick, a Navigation stick and a 2.4GHz RF dongle that plugs into the computer's USB port.

It has three modes of operation - 3D motion captures horizontal, vertical and rotational movement, Pointing mode is designed for use with first person shooter games and Tilt mode reproduces forward, backward and sideways motion.

The two AA batteries that power each stick are good for 72 hours of continuous play and effective wireless range is specced at a healthy 10m.

No real specifics on availability have surfaced to date, but according to the ASUS release, "Eee Stick will be bundled exclusively with certain models of the Eee PC™ and the Eee Box, along with a collection of games developed or adapted specifically for use with it". It can also "theoretically" be used with all PCs and doubles as a remote control for multimedia applications.


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