Some soothing tunes pumping out through a speaker system is just the ticket after a hard day at the office, but there are times when your eyes need a gentle distraction too. Watching water bopping to the beat inside a sealed plastic enclosure as a multi-colored light show mesmerizes and relaxes fits that bill very nicely. There are a number of fountain audio throwers already available, but few are as arresting as the gorgeous 2.1 ch Water Dancing Speaker System from ATake that we spotted at IFA today.

Taiwan's ATake says that the AWD-12F Water Dancing Speaker System is one of two new systems to be made available by the end of this year. It features one long-throw subwoofer and two full-range satellite speakers with a total rated output of 25 W, and an overall frequency range of 40 Hz to 18 kHz. There are eight water jets in the subwoofer's transparent acrylic dome, and six rotating jets in each of the other units.

Music is fed into the speaker system via a 3.5 mm stereo input, and power is supplied via USB. A click wheel at the front is used to dial up the bass, pump up the volume and raise the jets. The AWD-12F is expected to retail for between US$200 and $250.

The company is also readying a new portable Bluetooth fountain speaker for release. It's a single speaker unit that will retail for about $60, but the ATake booth rep at IFA told us that the company is currently looking into producing stereo packs as well.

If you want to indulge right now, ATake already has a few models available, with prices starting at around $40 for a pair (a little less than the similar Light Show Fountain Speakers from ThinkGeek I was introduced to earlier in the year).

Have a look and a listen to the demo video of the impressive 2.1 channel system below.

Source: ATake

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