Last week Samsung launched its ultra light and thin MacBook Air rival, the 2015 Ativ Book 9. This week it's launching the PC that sat next to it at CES 2015, the first All-in-One with a curved screen.

Starting on this Sunday, March 8, you'll be able to buy the Samsung Ativ One 7 Curved. Samsung already has a curved monitor on the market, but the Ativ One 7 Curved has a full PC living inside of it.

That PC includes a Core i5 processor with 8 GB of RAM, 1 TB storage and Windows 8.1. The display measures 27 inches, with 1080p resolution (82 pixels per inch), a 4000R curvature and 178-degree viewing angles.

Curved screens are one of those odd technologies that, on one hand, can serve as a nice add-on (especially if you have a room full of people huddled around a TV from a variety of angles), but, on the other, can sometimes seem a bit like a solution in search of a problem (especially when you consider their current markups).

The Ativ rings up for US$1,300. That's $500 cheaper than the equivalent iMac (equivalent in terms of display size and storage .... other specs veer in different directions). Samsung's All-in-One will be available starting on March 8.

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