A sweet custom Audi R8 made a head-scratching cameo in the recent Final Fantasy XV movie, and now Audi has made the computer-generated vehicle a reality. The R8 Star of Lucis is a one-off custom supercar that one lucky buyer, chosen by lottery, gets to drive away.

Audi can count some pretty special achievements in its 106-odd years, but not every manufacturer can lay claim to a Royal Warrant from the Kingdom of Lucis.

Even under extreme military pressure from the empire of Niflheim, it seems Prince Noctis of Lucis had the time to spec out a pretty sweet set of wheels, in the form of an Audi R8 "Star of Lucis," which made for some chin-scratching moments in the latest Final Fantasy movie.

Essentially a giant trailer for the upcoming Final Fantasy XV video game, the movie Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV features a bizarre mix of swords and sorcery, demons, dragons and ghouls, as well as modern cities and things like Audi R8s, done up very nicely mind you to suit the prevailing fashion trends in Lucis.

And now, Audi has announced it's bringing the real car, represented in the anime world, back into real life with the creation of one – and only one – R8 Star of Lucis.

It's got fancy swoopy wheels inspired by the royal sword, deep black paint (that's a signal of nobility in Lucis town), and there's nifty little bits of arabesque patterning modeled on the royal hankies.

It actually looks pretty cool, and Audi is putting the right to buy it up in a lottery, since there's only one. The lucky winner gets to slap down ¥50,000,015, or just under US$470,000 and drive it away. That's quite a jump from the base model R8's MSRR of US$162,900, but then the guy that buys this thing is probably a Kingsglaive (whatever that is) and I'm not.

Check out the car in the video below.

Source: Audi

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