Have you ever faced the problem of wanting to wear both a hoodie and over-the ear-headphones at the same time? I'm guessing not, because it's not exactly a problem most people face most days. However, judging by the positive response to a garment of clothing designed to solve this problem, it seems there are people out there who have faced this dilemma ... and who haven't yet figured out that you can wear headphones underneath a hoodie.

The descriptively-named Audio Engineer's Hoodie by Nic Pope is, as you may have guessed, a hoodie designed for audio engineers, though DJs and hipsters may also find it appealing. Its one big innovation is the use of acoustically transparent panels in its hood.

These panels sit on either side of the head, supposedly allowing sound to travel through the fabric unhindered. This means you can wear over-the-ear headphones on the outside of the hoodie and still hear the music blasting from them. This is possible thanks to the use of thin, porous material in the panels, the same cloth used on the material-covered speakers of yesteryear.

Other design choices marking Audio Engineer's Hoodie out from the competition are twin kangaroo pockets, each with headphone pass-through holes, a cassette tape-themed interior pattern, an internal chest pocket, and a pull-out wiring diagram for sound systems.

Audio Engineer's Hoodie is currently available for a pledge of US$142.20 through Betabrand, where it has already passed its crowdfunding goal. The video below shows Pope modelling the hoodie, as well as describing its various virtues.

Source: Betabrand

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