AutoMoto tilting three-wheeler: cheap, practical commuting fun

AutoMoto tilting three-wheeler...
The AutoMoto tilting three-wheeler
The AutoMoto tilting three-wheeler
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The AutoMoto tilting three-wheeler
The AutoMoto tilting three-wheeler

February 3, 2009 There was lots of interest last year when we wrote about Sidam's Xnovo, which essentially looked like a 500cc micro-minivan on three wheels. But the Xnovo hasn't materialized on the market yet, and its USD$10,000 projected price robs it of any practical claim to economy. The California-built AutoMoto, however, achieves many of the Xnovo's aims for less than half the price. It's got a roof, a windshield, wipers, an MP3 stereo, CVT, two seats and a large, lockable storage trunk - and it has three wheels, with two at the rear, which attach to a platform that allows the body to tilt when cornering. Its 150cc engine gets 83mpg in daily use - 30mpg better than the Toyota Prius - and it's much easier to park. It can squeeze through traffic like any other scoot, but it doesn't require a motorcycle license or helmet in many US states. The AutoMoto should prove itself to be a practical and fun way to get around and it looks like a bargain too, at only USD$3800.

Check out more about the AutoMoto, including lots more photos at TheBikerGene, or if you can brave the gratuitous Shania Twain music, take a look at the AutoMoto website.

Space for TWO?? C'mon guys, let's get real. Two midgets would have big time trouble on this most interesting vehicle.
It's nothing new. The Honda Gyro has been doing this for decades.
I checked one out at a local scooter shop. They are definitely larger than the only Honda Gyro I've encountered which was years ago at an Indycar race, and I've never seen a gyro with the enclosure in the states though I have been told a few exist. In my opinion, they are easily large enough to ride two-up on, and I'm 230lbs. Not everyone needs to commute in an Escalade. I don't know if I'd trade my similarly priced Aprilia SR50 for it, but it could definitely be a low cost city dweller alternative to a traditional Automobile.
I don't know where it would be legal with OUT an operators Lisc. any conveyance with an engine displacement of more that 49cc's a motorcycle permit is required......Still I want one -or-3...LOL
If I was going to ride a internal combustion engine type trike,It would have 2 B either a.....1 Diesel,.......or.......2 propane....