If I had to choose a job in a restaurant kitchen, then the saucier or sauce chef would be my last choice. This position is not only considered inferior to the sous-chef and head-chef - it sees you responsible for preparing all the accompanying sauces for meals…making sure they aren’t lumpy, they don’t stick to the pan or worse, burn. I’ve seen enough TV celebrity chefs abusing their kitchen staff to know this is one job I would refuse. Now, to add injury to insult there is a machine that has the saucier's job in its sights. The Autonomous Saucier is a clever kitchen device that automatically stirs your sauce whilst you get on with other food preparation.

The battery-powered device is designed to stand in a pan and automatically mix and revolve to create anything from a jus to thick gravy. It has three stainless steel legs with rubber silicone feet to stay upright in a pan. On one foot is a spatula that rests flush against the bottom of the pan and stops bits of food from sticking or burning. The saucier independently spins and revolves around the pan - making sure the sauce remains smooth and the ingredients and flavors are mixed and infused.

Designed to be used for sauces up to 4” (10.2cm) deep, the saucier has three speed settings to help you create the exact sauce consistency. The silicon feet won’t damage your non-stick cookware and can withstand temperatures up to 572º F (300ºC). The legs can be removed and are dishwasher-safe and the four AA batteries (included) will provide up to four hours of sauce stirring. The device weighs 12oz (340g) and is 6" (15.2cm) high and 5” (12.7cm) in diameter.

The Autonomous Saucier costs US$39.95 and is available from Hammacher Schlemmer. Now, all I need to be completely happy is an automatic stirrer to make risotto.

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