Bucharest-based architectural studio Amarada has unveiled a new skyscraper concept. Dubbed Avis Magica, the futuristic building features a vertical aquarium, and produces its own electricity via novel wind-harnessing "feathers."

The name Avis Magica (Latin for "Magic Bird") relates to both the building's avian theme and Miami's nickname of the "Magic City." Designed for the DawnTown Landmark Miami competition, if built it would be the tallest structure in the local vicinity, at a height of 335 m (1100 ft).

Avis Magica sports a museum, an outdoor concert stage, and a 120-m (400-ft) vertical aquarium filled with marine life which is fed by the nearby ocean. There's also observation decks, and a series of artificial islands with birds and extensive vegetation.

Amarada's vision for electricity and water production calls for artificially-created on-demand rain clouds to be created somehow – exactly how isn't clear – and what are referred to as feathers, which vibrate with the wind, producing electricity as a result (perhaps not unlike the piezoelectric fibers on the Strawscraper concept).

With its sizable aquarium and extensive vegetation, Amarada reports the skyscraper would act as an "oxygen tank" for the entire city, though it's probably best you don't hold your breath waiting for it to be built ...

Source: Behance via Inhabitat

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