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Avurt IM-5 non lethal self defence pepper gun

Avurt IM-5 non lethal self def...
Avurt IM-5 launcher
Avurt IM-5 launcher
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Avurt IM-5 launcher
Avurt IM-5 launcher

November 1, 2007 The Avurt IM-5 launcher is a flashlight sized non-lethal self-defense device that has a longer range than Tasers and aerosol-based pepper spray. The USD$299 laser sighted launcher fires pellets filled with PAVA powder at distances of up to 40 feet, burning the eyes, nose and throat of the target.

Designed by Security With Advanced Technology, the Avurt IM-5 uses the same effective pepper substance found in aerosol based weapons, but has a the advantage of a 40 foot range (ten feet further than Tasers), meaning that there is no need to be in close proximity to potential assailants when the weapon is used in self-defence. The battery powered device can fire five rounds of PAVA filled pellets, and if the PAVA is not effective in stopping an assailant, the sting of the plastic shells act as a secondary deterrent. When not being used, it can be safely folded away without risk of discharge and when unfolded, the red laser light used for aiming the IM-5 is switched on. The laser-itself, along with the loud bang produced when firing the launcher also act as a further deterrent.

The Avurt IM-5 Launcher Kit one IM-5 launcher, (available in black, blue, red or pink), ten practice rounds, a carrying case, a training DVD and an instruction manual. It is currently available only in the United States.

i will need one that fires salt as well.
Kirill Belousov
lol just create a pellets that have same shape and size at the pepper ones. That\'s it... I can\'t say that plastic pellets are safe though. I\'m pretty sure with the proper speed it\'ll either heart like hell or even might kill someone if you get shot in a wrong place...