Azentec SmartMirror with inbuilt GPS

Azentec SmartMirror with inbui...
Azentek Smartmirror
Azentek Smartmirror
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Azentek Smartmirror
Azentek Smartmirror

July 29, 2008 Another clever product that caught our eye at the British Motor Show is the Azentec SmartMirror. Getting around the issue of where to mount your GPS unit, the company has combined a GPS enabled 4-inch touch screen and Bluetooth functionality with a rear-view mirror.

The SmartMirror features a 4inch touch screen LCD monitor with integrated speaker, built-in GPS navigation, Bluetooth capabilities and optional back up camera. The Bluetooth functions include hands-free phone, incoming caller ID display on the screen, a call history log and manual/auto call answering. Additionally, a 2GB SD memory card can store maps, pictures, and e-books for those long road trips.

Video inputs have reverse camera input sensing, similar to that of Mazda’s own multifunction rearview mirror that acts as an LCD display for a rear-mounted panoramic view camera. Other advanced features of the SmartMirror include lane assistant and reality view for extra driving guidance, spoken street names via text-to-speech, DirectHelp for emergency assistance, intuitive menus and even 3D maps. The only catch we can think of- it might be a bit difficult to take with you when you park the car and venture out on foot out.

The SmartMirror will be available in August and is expected to retail for around US$799. Full specs here.

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