BAE to develop next-generation night-vision goggles

BAE to develop next-generation night-vision goggles
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Planned capability of the night vision goggle
Planned capability of the night vision goggle

September 25, 2007 U.S. army soldiers will be the recipients of enhanced night vision goggles that use digital imagery to improve mobility and situational awareness under all lighting conditions, overcoming battlefield obscurants that would generally hinder vision. Under development by BAE systems as part of the Enhanced Night Vision Goggle program for the U.S. defense forces the helmet-mounted system will digitally combine video imagery from a low-light-level visible sensor and an uncooled long-wave infrared sensor onto a single color display located in front of the soldier's eye.

This digital technology will provide improved image quality and will enable imagery to be shared among soldiers. The enhanced capabilities will assist in battle tasks such as shooting around corners, reading maps, performing lifesaving duties and aiming lasers more effectively. BAE Systems will incorporate its uncooled MicroIR microbolometer sensor technology which is currently used in thermal weapon sights.

“This program will demonstrate the maturity and effectiveness of digital fusion technology and its benefit to the warfighter,” said Margaret Kohin, Advanced Systems program director for BAE Systems in Lexington, Massachusetts. “Applying innovative technology to help our soldiers complete their missions is an objective BAE systems stands behind every day.”

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