• Swimming is one of those sports in which stopping to check a smartwatch can be quite disruptive. Because of this, we've recently seen a number of performance-tracking goggles. One of the newest, known as Holoswim, is now on Kickstarter.
  • ​Competitive swimmers certainly like to track their performance, often using devices such as swim watches – the problem is, the athletes have to stop to look at those things. A Vancouver-based startup is out to address that problem, with its head-up display (HUD) Form Swim Goggles.
  • Goggles, glasses and windshield can fog up if there’s a difference in temperature or humidity. Researchers at ETH Zurich have developed a new anti-fog coating that warms up the surface without needing electricity.
  • If you're doing something crazy such as blasting down the side of a mountain on a bike, it's going to be difficult – and risky – to check your progress by sneaking peeks at your smartwatch. That's why the goggle-mounted EyeCo notification system was created.
  • ​If you're a serious swimmer, then it's possible that you use a swim-tracking watch. The folks at Florida-based startup Phlex, however, felt that wristwatches weren't hydrodynamic or accurate enough. That's why they designed the goggle-mounted Edge.
  • ​Freedivers – those people who dive to great depths without an air supply – typically have to use masks instead of less bulky, more hydrodynamic goggles. A group of Italian entrepreneurs have set out to change that, however, by designing goggles that take on water as they go deeper.
  • ​In recent years, we've seen goggles that allow swimmers to monitor their heart rate, and to stay on course when swimming outdoors. Well, Zwim goggles are claimed to go farther. They feature an actual Google Glass-like head-up display, that tracks the same sort of data as a swimmer's sports watch.
  • ​​If you own a DJI Mavic Pro, Phantom 4 series or Inspire series drone, there's now a new way of putting yourself "in the pilot's seat" of the aircraft. The company has announced the upcoming availability of its first-person-view DJI Goggles.
  • For triathletes swimming in lakes or the sea, there are no lane markers to follow. That’s why OnCourse Goggles were created. Using LEDs, they show the wearer how to stay … well, on course.
  • Mini’s new Augmented Vision driving goggles bring some of the features of your standard heads-up display to a set of glasses, and add a few extra features tot make them an interesting peek at the future of both connected eyewear and connected vehicles.
  • Sealz is a new pair of sunglasses that can also become a pair of goggles with a button press, allowing them to be used for both UV protection and clear underwater vision. They additionally feature full UVA/UVB protection, impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses, and polarization to reduce glare.
  • Wearable technology is popping up in more and more areas of our lives, including ski slopes. The RideOn AR goggles offer skiers and snowboarders a view of the mountain augmented with digital overlays, showing directions, messages, weather reports, and virtual gates projected in front of your eyes.
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