The Bag Buddy is a simple device developed by industrial designer Nicholas Fjellberg Swerdlowe. He lives in Brooklyn, New York and regularly uses his bicycle to go grocery shopping – a practice that can be tricky if one's bike doesn't have racks or a basket. While Nicholas' product may not be a bicycle that turns into a shopping cart, it does reportedly make carrying bags on a bike safer and easier.

The main problem with hanging grocery bags over the handlebars is that they invariably swing into the front wheel. The Bag Buddy switches the orientation so that the bags will swing forwards and back rather than side to side (for the most part), thus preventing them from getting close to the spinning front wheel and potentially ripping open or even worse, causing an accident.

The Bag Buddy also helps increase the number and weight of the bags that can be carried. It is designed so that the weight of the bags – up to 30 pounds (13.6 kg) each side – tighten the grip on the handlebars. The Bag Buddy grips are small enough to sit on the end of the handlebars, allowing your hands to sit comfortably without plastic carrier bags getting in the way.

When not in use, you can either store the grips in a pocket or backpack, or clamp them to the frame. The video embedded below shows Swerdlowe discussing and demonstrating the Bag Buddy.

He has taken his creation to Kickstarter in order to raise US$20,000 for tooling and materials for the first production run. Pledges start at $5 for a sticker, with $20 getting you a pair of Bag Buddy grips – which is a steal if it prevents even one accident or lost bag of shopping.

Source: Kickstarter via Core77

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