Baluchon doesn't go in for fun gimmicks or fancy tech. Instead, the French firm seems to focus its efforts on putting as much home into as small a space as possible while abiding by France's strict laws that only allow relatively small and light tiny houses. This is the case with its latest model, Le Petit Prince, a towable dwelling that shoehorns in dining and sleeping space for up to three people.

Le Petit Prince measures just 6 m (19.5 ft)-long and is clad in red cedar, with zinc accenting lending it a contemporary look that's reminiscent of the firm's previous output.

There isn't a living room inside Le Petit Prince. In its place, visitors find a small three-person dining area. Presumably the owner felt a place to sit and eat was more important than a couch and TV. There is a daybed, increasing the maximum sleeping capacity to three, though its awkward placement next to the bathroom underlines the compromises required with these French tiny houses.

Next to the dining area is a basic kitchenette with two-burner stove, sink, fridge, and the all-important wine rack. The bathroom includes a shower and toilet but no sink – the owners will need to avail themselves of the kitchen sink to wash their hands. A storage-integrated staircase leads up to a typical tiny house loft bedroom, which contains a double bed.

Baluchon added lots of glazing to this model and also made an effort with storage, installing cupboards, drawers and shelving around the home.

Le Petit Prince gets power from a standard RV-style electric hookup and sheep's wool, cotton, linen, hemp and wood fiber were all used for insulation. Lighting is LED throughout.

We've no word on the price but those interested can contact Baluchon via the link below.

Source: Baluchon

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