French tiny house firm Baluchon has made a name for itself designing very small and lightweight homes, like the Escapade and Odyssée. Its latest model, the Ondine, is similar in style to those and serves as both a full-time home and workplace to a masseur in the Alps.

The Ondine measures 6 m (19 ft)-long and is clad in red cedar, with a spruce frame and cotton, linen, hemp, and wood fiber insulation. The home reaches a height of 4.1 m (13.45 ft).

Visitors enter into the kitchen, which is a bit more fully-featured than some of the other models we've seen from Baluchon in the past and includes a propane-powered cooker with four hobs and a fridge/freezer, as well as stainless steel sink and storage space.

The living room is quite large and empty to allow the owner to set-up his massage table when he has a client visiting and doesn't include a couch, just some cushions on the floor and a table, so he can sit and take tea. It looks like a pleasantly daylight-filled area thanks to three large windows.

A wardrobe nearby provides more storage space and a small Dickinson propane stove handles heating duties (they're meant for boats but are very popular in tiny houses). There are two lofts in the Ondine. The main loft is accessed by a Japanese-style alternating tread staircase with integrated storage. The secondary loft is reached by removable ladder and is used mostly for storing the massage table when not in use.

The bathroom includes a propane-powered water heater and shower. A tiny wall-mounted washing machine is also installed above the toilet. Lighting is LED throughout.

The price for the Ondine came in at around €68,000 (about US$80,000).

Source: Baluchon

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