France's Baluchon recently completed its latest tiny house, the Utopia. An updated take on its Escapade model, the towable dwelling measures just 6 m (19.6 ft)-long. Despite its small size, it serves as full-time home to a young couple in the Paris area.

The Utopia is accessed by a small porch and visitors enter into the main living area, which includes a couch placed in front of a large 2.7 m (8.85 ft)-tall window. Behind it is a dining table for two situated next to a large window.

Further back into the home lies the kitchen. This has some counter and cupboard space, as well as a gas water heater, sink, and fridge/freezer. However, there's no oven, so all food must be prepared on a small two-burner stove.

There doesn't appear to be a washing machine either. Perhaps the residents plan to eat out a lot and use a laundromat, but it does highlight the kind of sacrifices required to live in these small tiny homes, especially when compared to some of the larger models across the pond.

The Utopia's bathroom includes a composting toilet and a small bath/shower. Back in the main living area, a space-saving staircase leads up to the sole loft bedroom, which features a double bed and some storage space.

Structurally, the home comprises a spruce frame atop a double-axle trailer, with sheep's wool, cotton, linen, hemp and wood fiber insulation. Its exterior is clad in cedar and the interior is finished in spruce paneling. Lighting is LED throughout and it gets power from a standard RV-style electric hookup. Total weight comes in at 3,435 kg (7,572 lb).

We've no word on the price for this one, though the Escapade model it's based on cost €42,500 (roughly US$52,500).

Source: Baluchon

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