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BAM robo printer to cut its teeth on scale model of "endless" house

BAM robo printer to cut its te...
3D Builder in action
3D Builder in action
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A rendering of the Landscape House
A rendering of the Landscape House
3D Builder in action
3D Builder in action

A Dutch contracting firm hopes to replace the construction crew with a flexible 3D printer mated with robotics from the auto industry. The 3D Builder "building machine" will start by creating a 1:4 scale version of the so-called "Landscape House."

BAM International teamed up with Universe Architecture to create the machine, which is basically a free-form robotic printer with an interchangeable print head assembly that allows it to print materials like concrete or artificial stone and even create ornamental exteriors. It will undertake its maiden project at FabCity, a temporary, sustainable demonstration campus in Amsterdam.

The 3D Builder method is something like an inkjet printer, but using a bonding liquid rather than ink that is dripped on sand to harden in a desired shape. As with 3D printers, the process is repeated layer upon layer to build up walls and other structures. The print head for the system comes from D-shape, which is known for its house-printing background.

A rendering of the Landscape House
A rendering of the Landscape House

The 3D Builder entered service at FabCity on June 8. The team behind it says it will be able to employ techniques to print other materials including steel and insulation in the future. For larger projects, Caterpillar tracks can also be added to a work space to allow the building system to move autonomously as it creates.

See the 3D Builder in action below.

3d Builder © 3d printing Landscape House by Universe Architecture & BAM

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Robert in Vancouver
I can see a printer doing most of the structural and finishes of a building. But it can't do the mechanical system (pipes, heating boilers, HVAC units, controls, etc.). So many carpenters, roofers, drywallers, painters, and brick layers will lose their jobs but pipe and HVAC trades will be needed for many years to come.
David A Galler
The Landscape House is beautiful ,but it might be able to replicate classical designs as well.
The biggest drawback I can see is the job loss created by automating the construction industry... I would have to conclude then, that BAM International is one of the large multi-national corporations, or plans to be, that are responsible for the burgeoning welfare state. While they preach about environmental responsibility, they quietly and indirectly destroy opportunity for the individual. I LOVE technology, but only technology that opens up new opportunity for individuals. Automation is definitely the dark side of technology to those who have prescience to see it...
Presumably structural strength will be rather limited without rebar...