April 30, 2009 If Bang & Olufsen’s spanking new BeoVision 4 103-inch plasma TV were a mouth it would swallow you whole – and you wouldn’t even touch the sides going down. That’s how big it is – and one of the biggest going around – with a pretty big price to match.

Of course, size isn’t everything, but taking a squiz at this monster, one can see it’s not too shabby a place to start. As a Bang & Olufsen, too, you know the rest of the bells and whistles are going to be pretty shiny too: high-level performance and brilliant classic design, with its high-grade, high-cool aluminium frame.

“BeoVision 4 is not only an outstanding top of the range TV, it is also a truly unique product concept,” says Karl Kristian Hvidt Nielsen, Bang & Olufsen’s CEO. “As such, it provides a strong brand statement, and confirms Bang & Olufsen’s position as the world’s leading AV provider.”

The Danish electronics manufacturer has also added a rather clever stand that lifts the giant screen at the touch of a button on the Beo5 remote control (this is B&O’s home integrated universal remote) and turn or tilt to give you the best view. Its integrated BeoLab 10 centre loudspeaker also moves out from under the screen until it is flush with the screen.

When the TV is off, the screen rests only inches above the ground so as not to intrude as much on the room. At 103 inches, though, it’s not going to go unnoticed – arguably you mightn’t want its prominence necessarily to be diminished – but you can understand where the maker is coming from.

The “muscular” lifting movement the monster screen, according to B&O, is timed to coincide with the 18-second start-up time of the BeoSystem 3 picture and surround sound engine. The company’s trademark “electronic curtains” are then drawn back while the BeoLab 10 centre loudspeaker moves forward into position. Who needs to watch TV, when you can watch the TV?

At 103 inches, the BeoVision 4-103 is suited to home cinema viewing but offers automatic picture control and an anti-reflection coated contrast screen for daytime viewing.

With BeoVision 4-103’s integrated surround sound solution, up to 14 BeoLab speakers can be connected.

With the idea of the intelligent home in mind, B&O has developed the TV so it can combine with other home automation systems. The programmable Beo5 remote control can control and operate all A/V and home automation, such as security systems, ventilation and curtains.

Of course, all of this comes at a price and at about €100,000 (USD$136,220) you’re going to need extremely deep pockets. Available this July.

Paul Best

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