The Bang & Olufsen PLAY Beolit 12 AIRPLAY is about the size of a small car battery at 23 x 15 x 18.8 cm, weighing slightly less at 2.8 kg. It contains a substantial battery plus 120 Watts of digital Class D power amplifier, plus two 2" tweeters and a 4" woofer. It also connects via Apple's AirPlay, so it plays seamlessly from your iPod, IPad or iPhone by AirPlay for four hours, or wired to your iThing for eight hours. Based on our past experience with B&O, the sound will be exquisite, but the Beolit 12 might also be the most expensive accessory you'll consider for the iPhone - EUR700 or US$800.

Despite the upmarket price, the Beolit 12 is the most affordable sound system from Bang & Olufsen in many years. The dark grey version is available now, with more colors coming in Spring.

The Beolit can be plugged into the mains, in which case it'll run indefinitely.

The quality, design and craftsmanship all look to be the usual B&O standard.

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