Announced in October 2015, Bang & Olufsen's striking BeoLab 90 speakers were monstrous creations that simply refused to be ignored. Each weighed in at 300 lb, stood 4 feet tall, pumped out over 8,200 watts, and if you wanted a stereo setup in your audio room, you'd need to part with nearly $80,000. Almost 2 years later, B&O has crammed much of its flagship tech into a smaller and (relatively) cheaper package called the BeoLab 50 active speaker.

The BeoLab 50 active loudspeaker is not quite as dominating in the living room as the BeoLab 90 loudspeakers – at 108.4 x 45.6 x 44.2 cm (42.67 x 17.9 x 17.4 in) and tipping the scales at 61 kg (134.5 lb) – and won't rumble the foundations quite as much. But it should still rock the house, with seven 300 W amplifiers driving a single 0.75-inch tweeter, three 4-inch midrange drivers and three 10-inch woofers for a total rated output of 2,100 watts.

B&O says music lovers can expect a top notch listening experience in any room thanks to Active Room Compensation technology, which uses an external microphone to measure its acoustic surroundings and adjusts the output for optimum sound. The BeoLab 50 also features B&O's Acoustic Lens technology, where the higher frequencies of the supported 15 Hz to 43 kHz range are handled by a sound lens that rises out of the top of the speaker when it's powered on.

Sound dispersion can be adjusted for 180 degrees of sound or a narrower 45 degree beam for more focused, sweet spot listening. Presets can be created and recalled using the B&O mobile app, too.

At the rear of a tower of silver-polished aluminum countered with oak and fabric panels is a panel that offers connection to home hi-fi, TV, home theater or computer systems via analog and digital Power Link inputs, RCA, S/PDIF, optical or USB.

The BeoLab 50 speaker also includes WiSA-based wireless technology, which uses the 5.2 to 5.8 GHz waveband to allow for the streaming of high resolution digital audio without interference from other wireless devices (such as those operating in the heavily-used 2.4 GHz band).

The stunning BeoLab 50 is set for release this month. Each unit carries a recommended retail price of $19,585. Yes, that's right – almost 20 grand each. The video below introduces the new audio thrower.

Source: B&O

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