Bang & Olufsen's Play division has come up with a tasty way to bring the brand closer to "urban creative music lovers." It's teamed up with Danish craft brewers Mikkeller to produce Beobrew, a bottled beer that's had music pumped into it during the fermentation process to, so B&O claims, improve the flavor.

The partnership says that the magic happens courtesy of a Beoplay A1 portable speaker cabled up to an iPod. The speaker is lowered into the fermentation tank and tunes pumped out at volume during the two-week conditioning process.

"By playing music in the fermenting tank, we are adding a fifth ingredient that takes the beer to a new level," said head brewer at Mikkeller Kyle Wolak. "As the music plays, it pumps out a unique pattern of vibrations that assists the yeast during fermentation and encourages the yeast to produce more flavorful esters than it would have without the presence of music."

Yeast rocking to music for improved flavor? Hmmm... we reckon that the blend of hops from the Pacific Northwest might have more to do with the beer's "bright and aromatic taste with citrus fruit and floral notes" than being "infused with music" hand-picked by music curator Le Gammeltoft from Heartbeats, but we'll obviously have to do a taste test before committing ourselves.

At the end of the rocking fermentation process, a 6.8 percent American style IPA beer is bottled in amber-colored glass, which sports a hand drawn label by artist Keith Shore.

Though the project does have the hallmarks of a clever publicity stunt, B&O says that bottles of Beobrew are actually being made available to buy at Mikkeller bars in Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Spain and the US – as well as Ace Hotels in New York and LA – or ordered online direct from the craft brewer.

Beobrew is introduced in the video below.

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