Barbie B Learning Computer

Barbie B Learning Computer
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Hi-tech toys for girls are rare so the Barbie B learning computer is a blessing for parents wishing to introduce girls to computers. The Barbie B offers a variety of educational activities including vocabulary, spelling, grammar, maths, logic and games. Using digital sound and animation to harness attention and imagination, the animated Barbie character speaks directly to the child, offering encouragement and praise as she guides each task. More activities can be added via expansion cards and the computer folds neatly away, has a carrying handle and includes a mouse & mouse mat, all designed to help kids get used to using a computer. Reasonably priced at $139. Call 1 300 300 155 for your nearest stockist.

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Captain Obvious
Get a real XP computer for less than that (one in your closet, probably) and put DoudouLinux on it. The kids can\'t hurt it, and vice versa.