The average custom chopper is something most motorcyclists find puzzling – they're heavy and cumbersome, with terrible handling and mediocre performance, they're hard to ride and they cost unbelievable amounts of money. This fully custom 850cc Batpod replica takes all those traits to the max – it looks downright scary to ride, there's almost no way to turn a corner with any sort of dignity, and may God help you if you want to pull a U-Turn. But for owner Pankaj Shah it's a tribute to his love of the Dark Knight movie where the BatPod first appeared – and beyond the neck-snapping appearance of the thing, it's also quite an amazing bit of rolling metalwork. Click through for several videos and photos of the PS-Pod under construction.

With a pair of 360-section tires – yes, front and rear – a hub-center steered front wheel, a levered handlebar system, a shaft drive and a wheelbase more appropriate for a pickup truck, the PS-Pod ain't a handler. In fact, watching the test ride video below, it looks little short of treacherous in the corners and virtually unmanageable at low speeds:

So you can't imagine new owner Pankaj Shah being able to get it around like ol' Bruce Wayne did in Chopper City guys took their remarkable creation down to a biker meet to see if it attracted eyeballs the way it was meant to:

Unfortunately, as you watch the PS-Pod make a Road King look like it handles like a trial bike at the end there, you'd have to say the owners of most of those eyeballs would have been thinking… "why?"

Plenty more photos in the gallery.

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