July 24, 2008 We've encountered solutions to the problem of runaway sun umbrellas before, but there's a practical simplicity about this one. Beach Pockets from Seebreeze is a simple way to secure your umbrella by using sand on the beach to weight it down and prevent it from blowing away.

The beach umbrella, created by Barbara Bigford, is designed with three light weight pockets attached to the pole. To secure the umbrella, simply fill the three pockets with sand. In a nod to environmental respect, you just empty the sand back out when you’re ready to leave the beach. The umbrella is also designed to be skin health smart with fabric that is SPF 50.

The Beach Pockets umbrella is compact, lightweight and has been anchor tested to withstand winds of up to 20mph. Beach Pockets sets with matching umbrellas come in a range of styles and colors and range in price from US$29.95 to $69.50. The pockets themselves can be purchased separately to attach to any umbrella and retail for $19.95.