Most of us spend the vast majority of our time indoors, but how healthy are those indoor environments? A new set of sensors can tell you, so that you can make changes to optimize your environments for well-being. Beagle can track temperature, noise, light, air pressure, air quality and humidity.

Designed by Canadian startup Beagle Sense, the Beagle concept is not the first to focus on understanding the quality of our indoor environments. The recently reviewed CubeSensors, for example, are designed with very much the same aim in mind. Whereas each CubeSensor monitors a range of metrics, however, each Beagle sensor only measures one.

The reason for this modular approach, says Beagle Sense, is so that individual sensors can be placed just where they are required. A stackable and magnetic design means that a number of different metrics can still be monitored together in one place, but without wasting the technology to track metrics that don't need to be tracked.

Beagle Sense says its monitoring system is designed to give users easy-to-understand information so that they can take steps to improve their health. For example, it can help inform users about appropriate light and noise levels for sleeping, advise when CO2 levels are too high and a window needs to be opened, or monitor humidity and air pressure for upcoming weather changes that may trigger headaches, migraines or joint pain.

To set up the device, users need only plug in the base station, connect it to a Wi-Fi network and pair it with a smartphone or laptop. The Beagle sensors are each powered by two AAA batteries and communicate with the base station via Bluetooth. Once placed around your home, they will begin relaying information back to the base station for the user to view via a web or mobile app interface.

As well as relaying information directly back to the base station, the Beagle sensors are able to store two week's worth of data internally. This means that they can be taken away somewhere and will sync with the base station on their return, and that data will not be lost in the event that Wi-Fi connectivity cuts out or that the power goes out.

A Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign is underway for Beagle. At the time of writing, individuals who pledge from CAD$59 (US$45) can receive a start kit, assuming all goes to plan with the campaign and roll-out.

The video below provides an introduction to Beagle.

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