Beam is a new projector that functions a little differently than others on the market. Not only can it be plugged into a traditional power outlet, but it can also screw directly into a light socket, making it easy for users to utilize anywhere.

Of course, when a user screws the projector into a light socket, they're a little limited as to where they can point it. If the light socket is in the ceiling, Beam can only cast an image straight down. If it's in a standing lamp, the image will go straight up. Of course, there are plenty of lights that are adjustable, which are the ones that seem like they'd work best.

The creators left one side of Beam slightly flat, allowing users to place the projector on a flat surface. A traditional power cable is required to use it in this way. This should offer quite a bit of flexibility to users.

It's also an always-connected device, which means it can be used to do more than just watch movies and TV shows (though it promises to do a great job of that, with the 100-lumen, 12x LED bulb).

The team behind it is creating an app that allows users to set up If Then statements that cause Beam to do things automatically. For example, users could say "If it's 7:00 AM, Then turn on and show me the weather."

Additionally, Beam is running Android, which means it can use a multitude of applications that you won't find on a projector that is meant for simply watching TV and movies. Though it's running Android on the device, the Beam app will be available on iOS as well.

The device features 8GB of storage for apps and videos, but there's no SD card slot for adding more storage down the line.

Beam Labs is seeking funding on Kickstarter. It's still early in its funding period and it's already over 25 percent of the way to its US$200,000 goal. Backers who would like to preorder a Beam can do so for a pledge of $399 with an estimated delivery date of October 2015.

The Kickstarter pitch video below provides more information on Beam.

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