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Belkin Bluetooth USB Adapter for camera phones

Belkin Bluetooth USB Adapter f...
Belkin Bluetooth USB Adapter
Belkin Bluetooth USB Adapter
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Belkin Bluetooth USB Adapter
Belkin Bluetooth USB Adapter
Belkin Bluetooth USB Adapter
Belkin Bluetooth USB Adapter

December 6, 2007 It is estimated that 93 million camera phones will be sold by 2011* and while in-built camera technology has improved dramatically, the process of transferring images from your phone to your PC can still be little complicated. Belkin's latest solution is a Bluetooth USB Adapter that wirelessly transfers full-resolution photos from your camera phone directly to your PC.

The adapter with KODAK Picture Upload Technology is designed to save, print, and share high-quality photos from your camera phone and is a handy tool for social networking sites such as and Facebook as you can quickly and easily upload pics. As well as allowing for distribution of high-res photos, it also offers a cheaper option than sharing images via MMS.

Designed for use with higher-resolution camera phones that are enabled with Bluetooth technology, image transfers happen automatically when users walk into Bluetooth range of their PC. The device also works with other devices enabled with Bluetooth technology such as PDAs, headsets, and printers.

Currently available in the US on the store, with launches in Canada and Europe yet to be announced, the adapter retails for US$49.99. Users of KODAK's online gallery service can also use the Belkin Bluetooth USB Adapter for automatic picture uploads and full-resolution online backup of camera phone snaps.

* According to Forrester’s North American Consumer Technology Adoption Study 2006 Benchmark Survey

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