Belkin FLIP shares one monitor, keyboard and mouse (and two speakers) between two computers

Belkin FLIP shares one monitor...
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March 29, 2006 We often look at Belkin’s product offerings with respect – their product development team often comes up with clever solutions for providing seamless electronics integration between home, car and mobile and the execution has always been sound. Now here’s another ripsnorter! The new Belkin Flip lets you share one monitor, keyboard, and mouse between two computers, allowing business professionals to take home their work laptop and easily plug it into their home setup or a dozen other scenarios.

According to a Forrester Research Report in February 2005, approximately 73% of laptop owners owned at least two computers, and are seeking methods to keep their desktops free of extra peripherals and cables. They also want a more comfortable way to use their work laptop when they bring it home.

Flip solves both problems by giving access to both computers without the added peripheral bulk, and easily connecting your laptop to the array of I/O devices in your office at home. It also offers the ability to share one set of speakers between computers. By pressing a small remote, you can easily switch the I/O from one computer to the other.

The Flip fully supports any combination of PC and Mac desktop and notebook computers, and is available now.

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