The Bentley Bentayga has set a new production sport utility record at Pikes Peak. Helmed by world championship driver and Pikes Peak veteran Rhys Millen, the Bentayga completed the 156-turn course in just 10 minutes, 49.9 seconds. Bentley plans to issue a limited edition model celebrating the achievement.

The Bentayga, which is powered by a massive 600 bhp (447 kW) W12 engine, launched from the bottom of Pikes Peak in Colorado and ran the 12.42-mile (20 km) course, up nearly 5,000 feet (1,524 meters), to complete the race in 10:49.9. At an average speed of 66.5 miles per hour (107 km/h), the Bentayga beat the previous SUV record by almost two full minutes, though it was nowhere near the the new overall record holder – the VW ID R –which clocked an astounding 7 minutes, 57 seconds.

"What an incredible machine," said Rhys Millen after the win. "I had a great run - the car was planted all the way up and gave me the confidence I needed to push hard. I'm delighted to take the SUV record for Bentley and for everyone that's been involved in this project."

Minimal changes for safety reasons were the only differences between the Pikes Peak race-winning SUV and a standard production Bentayga. These changes include race seating in the front, removal of the rear seating, the addition of a roll cage, and the addition of a fire suppression system. Stock tires were replaced with Pirelli DOT-marked hoops and a production-specification Akrapovic sports exhaust was also bolted on.

The Bentayga driven by Millen was liveried in Radium Satin and black chrome with the Bentley Black Specification carbon fiber body kit. To celebrate the win, a Pikes Peak Bentayga will be offered in limited numbers carrying the same livery (minus the numbers) in Bentley Mulliner specification. The key lime accents from the roll cage paint in the Millen race SUV will be used as highlights for the interior of the Pikes Peak edition.

The Pikes Peak Bentayga will be available to order in the U.S. and Europe starting in August of 2018.

Source: Bentley

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