Bentley is making a habit of teaming up with its Mulliner customization shop to cook up "utility" vehicles for the most niche of sports. Following the likes of the Bentayga Fly Fishing and Bentayga Falconry (yes, for falconers), comes the Bentayga Field Sports, for those whose bespoke, handcrafted shotguns simply must travel in style.

In case the names Bentley, Bentayga or Field Sports didn't already make it obvious, the latest SUV from the prestigious automaker is certainly not for the everyday driver. This one-off Bentayga is built to take those inside to the "finest sporting events in total luxury," and that includes the bits and pieces that make up their arsenal.

Bentley has teamed up with British shotgun-maker Purdey for the effort, to produce a handcrafted, lockable sliding storage unit that lives in the Bentayga's trunk. Within that are compartments tailored to carry drinks, shotgun cartridges, protective wear and binoculars to track targets. There is even a humidor should you feel obliged to bring along some celebratory cigars.

Up to two guns can be stowed away in a leather-trimmed case between the rear seats. Bentley says a specialty Purdey bag can also be included, which might include a waistcoat, waterproof cape, gaiters, field coat, shoes and an overnight bag, depending on the adventure at hand.

Bentley hasn't listed a price for its bespoke Bentayga Field Sports, not that we expected one anyway.

Source: Bentley

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