Bentley wasn't exactly aiming for the mass market when it launched the Bentayga and, unless you're into swanning about with a bird of prey strapped to your arm, the latest iteration is unlikely to broaden the appeal. The company's bespoke customization arm has announced the Bentayga Falconry by Mulliner, designed to serve as the perfect car for well-heeled falconers.

This isn't the first time Bentley has turned the Bentayga into a work vehicle that caters for very specific needs. Last year, we saw the Fly Fishing by Mulliner, which came kitted out with a unique sorting system for fishing equipment in the boot. The Falconry by Mulliner takes a very similar approach, but this time the bespoke cabinetry in the boot is about creating "an enjoyable falconry experience."

There are two cabinets in the back of the Falconry: one for looking after your birds, and one for refreshments. Both of them sit on a sliding tray for easy access, and both are finished in a special natural cork fabric. This "master flight unit" is home to a piano black drawer for storing all your falconry equipment, and there's a secondary compartment with a GPS bird-tracker, binoculars and special bird hoods. There's also space for your gauntlets (gloves), which can be special ordered to match the trim of the car.

Two individual perches are neatly stored in a case that slots into the side of the boot, and cork protectors for the boot floor and rear sill are neatly integrated. Inside the cabin, the dashboard trim is made up of 430 pieces of hand-sanded wood that create a unique picture of a falcon in the desert. Is any of this necessary? Not really, but it looks kind of impressive.

"The Bentayga Falconry showcases what's possible with our skilled craftspeople. They can devise elegant and exquisitely executed bespoke solutions to compliment any lifestyle or hobby," says Geoff Dowding, Director of Mulliner. "Falconry is regarded as the sport of kings in the Middle East, so it was vital that the kit we created was as luxurious as it was practical and durable to appeal to our valued customers there and around the world."

Bentley hasn't announced pricing information for the Bentayga Falconry by Mulliner, but we're not sure that matters anyway.

Source: Bentley

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