We've seen teasers and spy shots, now full details of the Bentley Bentayga SUV have been revealed. Described by Bentley as the fastest, most powerful, most luxurious and most exclusive SUV in the world, the 12-cylinder, 600 hp Bentayga makes 0-60 mph in four seconds and has a top speed of 187 mph (301 km/h) ... and there's plenty of technology to boot.

The Bentayga is powered by a twin-turbocharged, W12, 6-liter engine that is coupled to an eight-speed automatic gearbox and kicks out 600 bhp (447kW) and produces 900 Nm (663 lb. ft) of torque.

Among the array of onboard tech is a wide variety of on- and off-road drive settings for customizing the ride. It can be tailored to suit a variety of surfaces, and real-time info about the vehicle and terrain can be provided, such as pitch, roll, steering angle and compass bearing.

When on the road, the Bentayga uses navigation data, sensors and cameras to provide predictive information. It can make the driver aware of upcoming corners or speed limit changes, for example, and can also be set to modify its speed accordingly or automatically keep a minimum set distance from a vehicle in front.

Information is shown using a head-up display (HUD), which is claimed to improve safety by minimizing the extent to which drivers need to take their eyes off the road. In addition, infra-red night vision is used to identify potential obstacles ahead when driving in the dark, and these are also displayed on the HUD.

The Bentayga has a parking assistance feature that will work for both parallel and perpendicular spaces. Traffic that is crossing behind the vehicle can also be detected when reversing out of a space. Road signs can be detected and displayed to the driver, while four cameras mounted on the vehicle provide a full picture of what's around it.

The Bentayga's infotainment system is based around an 8-inch touchscreen and a 60 GB hard drive. For rear seat passengers there is a removable, Android-based Bentley Entertainment Tablet that provides 4G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. There are also three different sound systems from which customers can choose, the most powerful of which is rated at 1,950 W and has a "network" of 18 speakers and super-tweeters.

Accompanying the various technological bells and whistles inside the Bentayga is a luxurious cabin. There are metal, wood and leather elements throughout, including on the dashboard, center console and doors. The cushioned front seats can be adjusted in 22 different ways, while the rear seats can be adjusted in 18, and feature massage and ventilation functions.

According to Bentley, the vehicle's chassis makes use of the largest single-piece aluminum pressing in the automotive world. Exterior features include a large matrix grille, B-shaped wing vents, floating LED headlamps and a front bumper skid plate, while a panoramic glass roof makes up almost 60 per cent of the total roof surface.

The Bentayga will be available globally and deliveries are expected to start from Q1 next year. It is priced at £160,200 in the UK and $229,100 in the US.

The video below is the launch film for the Bentayga.

Source: Bentley

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