Bang & Olufsen has expanded its ever-growing Beoplay range with a new set of thoughtfully designed earphones. The Beoplay H5 wireless earphones pack a Bluetooth 4.2 chip with Digital Sound Processing, which the company says opens to the door to more dynamic tuning of sound. Users can link up the earphones with the Beoplay apps for Android, iPhone and the Apple Watch, switching between a variety of profiles tuned by Bang & Olufsen engineers.

Each profile is designed for a different listening environment, whether it be the gym, a morning commute, or chilling out at home listening to podcasts. Of course, there's also the option to tweak things manually, with the app providing control over tonality and sound staging.

The app can additionally be used to keep an eye on the battery status of the earphones, with the company rating them for an impressive five hours of use on a single charge. Speaking of charging, you won't find a microUSB port anywhere on the H5's. Instead, they clip into a charging block via built-in magnets.

There are a couple of other design touches included that help the H5s stand out. Their magnets allow the user to clip them together around their neck when not in use, helping to ensure that they don't get lost. When the earbuds clip together, the earphones automatically power down, helping to extend up-times.

Some thought has also gone into the cable itself, which is encased in a braided textile that's designed to both be comfortable against the skin, and to prevent dirt or sweat getting at the electronics. The housing of the earphones themselves is made from textured rubber and plastic, with an aluminium plate on top. Like the cable, they're built to stop moisture getting to the delicate internals.

Users will get seven different ear tips in the box, with both sport-optimized foam and regular silicone options included. The Beoplay H5 earphones are available for order right now, shipping for US$249.

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