F1 inspired Factor 001 bicycle on sale (NEW IMAGES)

F1 inspired Factor 001 bicycle...
Beru f1systems Factor 001
Beru f1systems Factor 001
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F1 inspired Factor 001 bicycle on sale at Harrods
F1 inspired Factor 001 bicycle on sale at Harrods
Beru f1systems Factor 001
Beru f1systems Factor 001
Beru f1systems Factor 001
Beru f1systems Factor 001
Beru f1systems Factor 001
Beru f1systems Factor 001
Beru f1systems Factor 001
Beru f1systems Factor 001
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It weighs just 7.4kg, it's custom-built to the exact dimensions of the buyer and boasts the most advanced design and electronics system ever seen on a bicycle... and it's yours for a cool £21,995 (approx US$36K).

Beru f1 systems Factor 001 bicycle is definitely at the high-end of high-end when it comes to two-wheeled transport. The company has turned its expertise in motorsport to the humble bicycle and produced a finely tuned machine that includes 8-spoke monocoque carbon composite wheels and a lightweight composite frame designed using modeling software borrowed from Formula One.

Gear changes are controlled by Shimano’s ultra precise Di2 electric shift, there's hydraulic disc brakes (with an option of carbon discs), integrated LED lights and distinctive front forks that run in front of the headstem all the way to the handlebars.

Despite its high-tech credentials, we're not sure that we'll see the Factor001 gracing the Champs-Élysées on the final day of next year's Tour de France. It's primary purpose is as a state-of-the-art training bike, which leads us to the integrated electronics package.

The optional electronic training and monitoring system consists of an on-board computer, various motorsport-grade sensors, a GPS and a radio transmitter. This system enables the measurement of 15 parameters including crank force, core body temperature, chest expansion, speed and riding position. Up to ten hours of data can be analyzed.

Part of the purchase includes custom fitting of the frame which is made-to-measure to within 1mm, and a Formula One-style "seat fit" process. There's also an optional comprehensive cycling and fitness assessment covering technique, posture and performance - we don't think it comes with training wheels.

The Factor 001 is now available at the famous London department store Harrods. Prices start at £21,995 (the bike plus full electronic package costs £27,000).

“Harrods is the first retail outlet to offer the Factor 001, says BERU f1systems’ managing director John Bailey. “It’s a privilege to display the bicycle at such an iconic store.”

Overall, for all its technology and the hefty price tag, the bike is still quite conventional at first glance, but there's no denying it's a thing of beauty.

See Factor 001 for more details.

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Gary Ares
Like an F1 racer, who\'s price tag would include several more zeros, this machine has a job to do - WIN! Both are job specific to carry a human and accomplish feats of speed and stamina. All this time, effort, and money are invested to attain a simple number - 1.
This machine, at first glance, really did not get my wow-factor needle to bounce too much. Wheels, carbon fiber, measurements, electronics, lightweight, advanced... my error was I failed at first to capture the awesomeness of the the ultimate product.
What may well be the ultimate training instrument, the Factor 001 is for those who are at such a precisely tuned physical level that a 1% gain in performance could net millions in endorsements. So, when you look at $36,000 for a custom fitted machine and the reward to be gained, it\'s much easier to justify the expense.
All that said, I didn\'t really fall for this bike until I saw the front angle photo which showed a much better view of the frame design. I much prefer the twin (parallel) tube structured frame over the massive single tube, often used in today\'s racing bikes, of which some appear to be the size of bridge supports. However, I must ask...where do you hide all of the gadgets?
Other design points I admire are the unique front fork with it\'s seeming integration of the handlebars, carbon fiber spoked wheels, and other special touches like hydraulic brakes with carbon rotors. Fantastic, too droll over, but but for me it\'s made of nonobtanium.
Finally, the price is certainly important, but to those who are in the position to make this investment work for them, it is a actually a Swiss Army knife disguised as a bicycle. It has every significant tool needed to ensure the desired outcome - a win.
The significant other or trainer could use an electric bike to monitor the ride. For more information on electric bicycles please visit the VeloChef blog at
Roger Kummert
Are the crabon wheels bomb proof? No mention of that in the entire PR puff piece.
I've only got two questions: What's it like to ride, and what does it weigh? At 7.4 kilos the F1 tech bike is 49.49% HEAVIER than the superb riding Cannondale SuperSix Evo Ultimate which weighs in at 4.95kg.