High-end road bikes may offer a crisp, responsive ride, but they also have a way of transmitting every little vibration from the asphalt up into the rider’s hands, feet and butt. As we recently saw at Eurobike 2013, however, Bianchi is now offering a solution in the form of its Countervail integrated vibration canceling system.

Bianchi’s American rival Specialized already utilizes its own Zertz system, in which elastomer inserts absorb vibrations from within the carbon fiber fork and seat stays. What makes Countervail different is the fact that it’s built right into the carbon fiber matrix.

In select areas of the bike’s frame and fork, a layer of a proprietary “viscoelastic material” is sandwiched between the usual layers of carbon fiber. According to Bianchi, this results in up to 75 percent less road vibrations than would be experienced on a traditional carbon frame, while increasing the frame’s stiffness and strength.

Countervail has already seen use by NASA in aerospace applications, and was adapted for use in bicycles through a collaboration between Bianchi and Material Sciences Corporation. It was recently introduced in Bianchi’s Infinito CV road bike.

More information is available in the video below.

Source: Bianchi

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