A product we see very often is the smartphone bike mount. A company called Bike2Power isn't revolutionizing the design of such mounts, but what it is bringing to the table is full iPhone 5s support, including access to the Touch ID fingerprint scanner.

Although the primary target for the BikeConsole Smart Mount for iPhone 5s is bicycles, it can also mount to strollers, scooters, or anything with a stem or bar. Additionally, it can be rotated for use in either landscape or portrait mode.

The case which comes with the mount is resistant to water, dust, and drops, and in addition to the Touch ID sensor, promises full access to all of the phone's functions, including the front and rear camera, sleep button, mics, phone jacks, charger port and touchscreen.

The case also promises to enhance some of the phone's functions. The company promises enhanced sound by routing it to the top of the case, and the screen protector features anti-glare technology which will allow riders to better see their screen even in bright sunlight.

The case can also be removed from the mount to be used for everyday protection. However, it looks quite a bit more bulky than your average case, so that is something to keep in mind.

Bike2Power is selling the case directly on its website for US$59.95. It comes with one mounting bracket with additional mounts available for $11.99.

The video below demonstrates the BikeConsole Smart Mount for iPhone 5s.

Source: Bike2Power

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