Bilingual Baby Video Series

Bilingual Baby Video Series
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The most effective time to learn a language is between birth and age five - and that's the target age group of the Bilingual baby video series which covers most languages (Japanese, German, English etc) and uses an entirely immersive method of tuition where the language being taught is the only language used.

Your child will only hear the language on the video. Foreign language words appear on screen to help readers and to reinforce what they see and hear. Small on-screen words appear in English so parents and older siblings can learn too!

Bilingual Baby is a revolutionary series of videos that exposes your child to the workd of language. a priceless gift that gives children the opportunity to gain knowledge and brainpowe that will stay with them throughout their lives!

Bilingual baby Language Videos use Complete Language Immersion, a well established syste, long used by educators and language experts.

Children will not only be immersed in the target language, but they'll have plenty of easy to identify visuals to help them learn over 60 words and phrases.

Packaging comes with a great Fold-Out Word Guide for parents, too!

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