Gizmag is no stranger to projects which aim to turn the ubiquitous billboard into something more interesting, including an air-purifying billboard, and an artist's retreat. The Gregory Project concept by DesignDevelop continues this theme by envisioning that billboards in the Republic of Slovakia serve as viable small homes for the homeless.

From the renders provided, the interior of the billboard looks small but relatively luxurious, and is split into two rooms. The first room contains entrance hall, kitchen area and small office desk, with raised bed and storage. The second room sports a bathroom with washbasin, toilet and shower.

DesignDevelop told Gizmag that, since the billboard homes would be placed close to accommodated areas, there would be the possibility to connect them to local electricity, plumbing and water facilities. A company rep also said that the use of off-grid technology such as solar panels and composting toilet is being considered.

The project remains a concept at present, but DesignDevelop envisions that the Slovakian city of Banska Bystrica could see the first rollout of the Gregory Project, and it is hoped that the design could eventually spread worldwide. To help bring this about, the final plans will be made available open-source.

The company estimates that the total running cost of a billboard home for the homeless would be around €4000 (US$5,434) per year if it was to run on-the-grid, while income from advertising is reckoned to be €3,600 ($4,890) per year. DesignDevelop is seeking architects and sponsors in order to move the concept into reality.

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