Through a growing line of outdoor cooking gadgets, BioLite has given campers nifty new ways to keep their mobile devices charged up, their fingers warm and the smoke out of their eyes. Now it is taking aim at the backyard fire pit, with a wood-burning device that uses an intricate air injection system to keep smoke to a minimum.

Everybody loves getting up close and personal with a warm fire, but most won't enjoy the irritation that comes with all that pesky smoke. Part of BioLite's modus operandi has been to capture heat energy from a campsite fire source and turn it into electricity, but it also claims to greatly reduce smoke emissions by applying oxygen in strategic places.

In the newly announced BioLite FirePit, this comes courtesy of 51 jets thats surround the chamber. These are powered by a Micro USB-rechargeable power pack and pump oxygen into the fire at key spots to create a more even temperature and mix gases around, which BioLite says improves combustion by burning particulate matter before it can escape. This makes for more efficient burning of fuel and a lot less smoke.

The system has four speeds so you can choose from a gentle flame to something more powerful. This can be controlled directly from the FirePit itself or remotely through the companion smartphone app over Bluetooth. The burner can accommodate charcoal in addition to wood, and features a grill top for cooking and a mesh exterior so the flames can be enjoyed from all angles.

There is also an optional carry case that bears a solar panel on top that acts as a waterproof cover and uses the sun's power to charge up the power pack via Micro USB. When fully charged, this pack should provide 24 hours of use on a low setting, and also features a USB output to power other gadgets.

BioLite is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to fund the production of the FirePit. Early pledges of US$199 will have one headed your way in May 2018 if all goes to plan. You can check out the pitch video below.

Source: BioLite

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