Last year we brought you the story of the OdorBox, a cat toilet that removes those tell-tale signs (smell) that your feline has voided itself. Bionaire’s version - the Odor Grabber Air-Cleaning Litter Box - is designed to suck those “breath-snatching” smells away before they permeate the room and ruin your dinner party.

This litter box, with its space-age design, has a built-in air electronic air purifier and advanced filtration that circulates the air without scaring the you-know-whats out of your pet – though the end result could be the same.

Before anyone can blame you for that terrible odor, or your guests start choking on their lobster bisque, the offending air is whisked away and purified while a pre-filter removes harmful litter dust, dander and fur flowing through the filter.

The unit is compatible with any style of litter, doesn’t emit ozone-producing ions and has a 12 ft power cord so you tastefully position the box out of view. If your pet is brave enough to use the spaceship-looking device, it could boast of being the first cat to go where no other cat has gone before.

The Bionaire Odor Grabber Air-Cleaning Litter Box is available online for under US$100. Additional filters are sold separately for US$19.95.