There is nothing pleasant about cat litter or “kitty litter”. Although the product has certainly evolved from the days where sand, ashes or dirt would be used in the litter box, it's really little more than an open indoor sewer. There are all sorts of deodorizers and sprays that claim to eliminate cat litter smells but often they just mask the odor short-term, and while options such as biodegradable litter which can be safely composted or silica gel litter which is highly absorbent do improve matters, there is no getting away from the fact - cat litter smells. Here's another approach designed to stop you gagging when near the litter tray - the OdorBox uses air purification technology that removes the odor and keeps the litter bacteria-free.

Natural Air Direct's OdorBox uses air purification technology (dubbed OB technology) designed to banish odors as well as keep cat litter free from germs and bacteria. Once it is plugged in, the OB technology produces "activated oxygen" (O3 or ozone) and ions. This unstable form of oxygen contains an extra atom which is deposited on organic molecules it comes in contact with and "oxidizes" or deactivates them to neutralize smells.

O3 occurs naturally in the air (think of the fresh smell after a thunderstorm) so it won't upset the delicate sensibilities of your feline companion. The idea is that rather than mask the odor, the Odor Box permanently eliminates the smells. Additionally, O3 also effectively kills bacteria and viruses which aids in keeping the litter clean and your household free from germs.

To use the OdorBox, you put your preferred cat litter inside, plug it in and the OB technology starts to work. The box is made from stain and odor-resistant plastic and features a litter pan and hood which has a carry handle. It can be used for multiple cat households and comes in a metallic green. It is available from > and is priced at USD $149.95.

You might be a more adventurous cat owner and attempt to toilet-train your cat but in the meantime, the Odor Box might be the solution you need to rid your house of that awful cat litter odor.