Even with the growing number of calorie-counting gadgets on the market, keeping track of how healthily we are eating requires a certain amount of discipline. We are seeing devices emerge that are aimed at automating this even further, such as the Bite Counter and the Automatic Ingestion Monitor. The BitBite is the latest take on the eating monitor, relying an a discreet ear-clip to keep tabs on every little nibble.

Made from a combination of aluminum and plastics, BitBite is worn as an earphone and uses a built-in microphone and sensors to capture sounds as the wearer munches away. The company claims that from these initial recordings, data is sent via Bluetooth to the BitBite Cloud and a smartphone app, which then uses algorithms to process and analyze information relating to the user's eating habits.

Through this process, BitBite keeps track of both how fast you are chewing and how often you are chowing down. Its developers point to studies linking faster eating and higher food consumption, and suggest taking smaller bites can lead to smaller waistlines. Equipped with voice recognition capability, advising BitBite of each item that you eat will see it compile a daily food log for viewing in the app.

It can also provide real-time feedback on eating, such as telling you to chew slower and more often before swallowing to reduce overall food intake. Further to this, all eating data is presented in the app, with reports provided on nutrition, chewing quality and calorie, carb, protein and fat intake.

Each three hour charge of BitBite via USB cable should see it last three days of use. It weighs less than 3 oz (85 g) and comes with a clip for storage when it is not being worn.

The company is currently raising funds for production on Indiegogo, where an early pledge of US$109 will have one sent your way in June 2015 if all goes to plan.

You can check out the pitch video below.

Source: Indiegogo

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