Black+Decker, the maker of home and gardening tools, is launching a new range of products featuring Smartech battery technology, which adds automation and connectivity to tools by enabling the battery with Bluetooth so users can interact with it through an app.

The app (iOS and Android) allows a user to overview battery information on several tools at the same time. Through the My Tools section users can interact with individual batteries they choose while the other batteries can be monitored in the Messages section where users can view all battery notifications.

The information helps the user monitor battery usage so they can keep track of recharging needs. It also allows them to disable a battery so it cannot be used without authorization.

The battery's integrated USB port can also be activated so it can power external devices, such as tablets and smartphones. The app can also help with the location of a misplaced battery by causing it to emit a sound (provided the missing battery is within Bluetooth range).

The app can empower users to get more creative with their tools, too. A resource called Projects offers a range of DIY ideas and recommendations for which tools are best suited to each project.

The Smartech battery will be available for purchase on its own for a suggested retail price of US$69, or will come supplied with a range of products including Lithium Ion Cordless Stick and Hand Vacuums (available in April) and other Black+Decker 20 V Max tools, available later in the year. It will also feature in the new String Trimmer, Sweeper, and Hedge Trimmer units, as well as other outdoor power tools.

Source: Black+Decker

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