We've seen quite a few products designed to help eliminate excessively large and noisy keyrings, such as the Keyport and Keylet. Now, a new product called the BladeKey Bolt is entering the fray, but it comes with some, err, key differences.

The obvious difference between the BladeKey Bolt and its competitors is that it uses the keys you already have. Instead of having to cut special keys that fit into the holder, the BladeKey Bolt is designed in such a way that almost any standard key will fit. Obviously, car keys with their fobs and giant plastic heads won't work, but the BladeKey Bolt should be able to accommodate most other keys.

To make things clear from the outset, the creators have crafted a page that allows users to make sure their keys will fit. It also allows users to determine exactly which size BladeKey Bolt will work for their key situation.

The final version of the device will be made in three different sizes with room for three, six or nine keys. If a user has less than six, but more than three, for example, a standard washer can be used in place of the keys to keep everything snug. The creators will include a washer, but depending on the size of the space that needs to be filled, additional washers may be needed.

In addition to the standard sizes, the company is also offering a model that is 10 mm longer than the standard, which is designed for European keys, or anyone who carries keys that are longer than average.

The prototype of the BladeKey Bolt is made using 3D printing techniques, although the final product will be manufactured in a traditional factory using aluminum. Because of the open-source nature of the product, the company is offering the plans to print a BladeKey Bolt on 3D printers.

BladeKey LLC is currently seeking funding for the BladeKey Bolt on Kickstarter. It has already quadrupled its US$6,000 goal. The minimum backing to grab a BladeKey Bolt is US$25 ($26 for the extended model). The Kickstarter run is limited, and of this writing there are only about 130 of the standard length and 180 of the extended model remaining.

The Kickstarter pitch below provides more information about the BladeKey.

Source: Kickstarter

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