It's admittedly a rather specific scenario, but imagine if it's a chilly day and you're heading out to a gathering, but the only beverages you have on hand are room-temperature. Well, that's where Blitzen would come in. It lets you chill bottled drinks on top of your car, while you drive.

Created by Pittsburgh-based product development company Deeplocal, Blitzen cradles bottles of any size in an aluminum rail, holding them down using a ratcheting plastic strap. A set of two magnets, each with an attractive force of 100 lb (45 kg), reportedly keep the whole affair securely stuck to a car's metal roof even at high speeds – so no, it won't work on plastic Saturns or fiberglass Corvettes.

Its effectiveness, needless to say, will depend heavily on things like ambient temperature, bottle size, driving speed and trip time.

Deeplocal does plan on selling the things, although we're still waiting to hear back regarding an estimated price. If you're interested in getting one, you can contact the company via the link below.

Source: Deeplocal

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