When parents-to-be begin looking for a crib for their new baby, it can be a little confusing. Do they start with a cradle like the Hushamok or are they best to put baby straight into a full-size crib? Is it important that the crib fits in with their existing décor and can it be moved from room to room? A new crib from Bloom might help end that elusive and often frustrating search. Alma Urban is a contemporary, wooden folding crib that will sleep baby from newborn to two years, can be moved in minutes and because of its minimalist design, should suit even the most fastidious home-decorator.

Alma is made from solid wood and stainless steel. The stand-out feature is the simple patented fold which reduces the size of the crib significantly. The length reduces from just over 38 inches to nearly 10 inches. That amount of space-saving can mean a lot if you live in a small apartment or house. Once folded, the crib is easy to store and transport.

It offers two adjustable mattress heights - bassinet height for newborns and crib height for older babies up to two years. Putting it together is a breeze because it does not require special tools for assembly, and the four lockable casters make it easy to move.

The crib is available in coconut white, or for those who like an injection of color, gala green. It is perfect for use at grandparents, in a second home or for co-sleeping. Bloom also offer a coco mat mattress, (sold separately) made from organic coir and surrounded by organic lambswool. It offers natural anti-dust mite protection as it contains essential oils of lavender, lemon and eucalyptus.

Alma was designed by Bloom, a group of four dads focused on creating modern, functional furniture for babies and children. We previously featured the Bloom Fresco chair, the chair designed to grow with your child.

To help guard against Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), parents should always put infants to sleep on their back and ensure they do not get too warm at night. A sleep bag like the Merino Kids Cocooi Sleep Bag is ideal as it helps to draw moisture away from the baby's skin and helps to regulate their body temperature.

The Alma crib retails for USD$400 and is available now from Giggle.

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