April 3, 2008 Most of us have a convenient nook where keys, wallets and other everyday essentials can be stored and located when coming and going from the home or office. These days, mobile phones and portable electronics devices are an important part of this equation, and that's where this simple solution from design studio Bluelounge comes in. The Sanctuary combines a place to throw your loose change with a multi-point charging station for a large range consumer electronics devices so that not only can you find you mobile phone, but it's also on charge.

Equipped for simultaneous charging of several devices, The Sanctuary includes a universal cell-phone charger compatible with over 1500 electronic devices from more than 35 brands plus a USB port. The 12 in-built connectors are concealed beneath the station's removable inner tray with a single cord for mains supply being the only exterior connection required.

The Sanctuary is made from injection molded ABS, which is then coated for a high-end gloss finish. The inner tray is finished with flocking in black and tan (reversible) and the base is manufactured with a flat injection molded rubber plate.

Available in white or black, The Sanctuary costs USD$129.95. See Bluelounge for more info.

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