Blue Quench's super-fast beer cooler is about to drop on Indiegogo, and this thing means business, as long as the business is a party. When nothing but ice-cold is good enough, and a minute's the longest you can wait, this thing chills beers faster than anything outside a cryogenics lab.

The Qooler's secret weapon is rotation. It spins cans and bottles at 500rpm, churning up the ice water to expose them to fresh coldness at much higher rates than when they're sitting still. Heat gets carried away fast, and according to Blue Quench, the smooth spinning motion doesn't churn your drinks up and make 'em froth all over you when you go to open them.

You still need bags of ice, though. The Qooler only works when you put it in an ice chest, sink or tub filled with ice and water. So instead of replacing that heavy, watery gear, you're adding 12 pounds (5.4 kg) to it. But hey, your first beer or two will be super chilled even if you didn't bring the drinks on ice, and it works just as well with bottles thanks to its flip-up stabilizer bars.

It has a rechargeable battery for use outside the home, or can run off mains power. This initial unit is big enough to cool a six-pack at a time, or three beers and a bottle of bubbly.

The Qooler comes at a price, and that price will be US$349 if you back it on Indiegogo when it launches on May 1, or US$479 if you wait until it's an actual product. Standard disclaimers apply if you back it on a crowdfunding service – some projects don't make it across the line, so take a close look before you put your money down. In this case, it's the company's first product.

Check out a video below.

Source: Blue Quench

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