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Bluetooth headset with larynx microphone

Bluetooth headset with larynx microphone
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March 20, 2008 Larynx microphones are ideal for transmitting voice electronically because your voice is directly transmitted from the larynx, with noise suppression of up to 10 dB - meaning they reduce ambient noise to close to zero. They’re used by special ops teams all over the world already, and now they’re available for a mobile phone so you can make calls in a noisy factory, or while jogging, skiing, cycling, and even riding a motorcycle or driving an open top car.

The Pro-idee RoadRunner is worn around your neck, with the microphone next to your voice box. Apart from making you look like a secret agent (and potentially upsetting the homeland security folk at the airport), there are no downsides to the device. So good is the noise suppression that the Roadrunner can be used when driving a convertible or motorcycle and it apparently works trouble free with voice dial activation - the error rate is below 1% compared to ordinary Bluetooth headsets. This means you can relax while phoning and concentrate more on your driving. The communicator kit even fits perfectly under a motorcycle helmet.

The Roadrunner supports all Bluetooth functions on your mobile phone, and offers up to nine hours of talk time and a week of stand-by. The high-quality lithium-polymer cell is charged in just two hours and the unit weighs approximately 28g (1oz). It has a two-year manufacturer’s guarantee.

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